"Ferri System S.r.l. - a Group in the Service of Quality"

Ferri System is an important company which operates in the field of exceptional and legal transport services as well as logistics. We offer our Italian and foreign customers all-round, cutting-edge services. Backed by years of experience, the company is a leader in the transport of boats, earthmoving and construction machines, industrial products, underground train shuttles and anything which requires special equipment and abilities due to its dimensions or weight.

Exceptional and legal transport

Ferri System – the specialists for your exceptional transports needs

Ferri System S.r.l. specializes in different types of transport services: exceptional, permanent, legal transport services and truck cranes services.

Truck crane service

Ferri System’s truck crane services – for the transport of plants and machinery

In order to be able to satisfy the customers’ requests for particular configurations in-house, the company’s fleet also includes two truck cranes:


Among its logistic activities Ferri System offers goods storage and packing services

The logistic activities carried out and developed by Ferri System S.r.l. aim to complete the range of services that we provide,

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Environmental care

 Environment care
Ferri System cares about environmental issues. For this reason, it has adopted an internal protocol aimed at contributing to environment protection.

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